Looking for a new fundraising idea?

If you are involved with a church group, ball team, school group or charitable organization, fund raising is one of your most important concerns. It’s also an ongoing concern.

While washing cars has long been a staple for groups wishing to raise money, the practicality of organizing a car wash has become increasingly difficult in most municipalities. Moreover, the ever present possibility of unfavorable weather threatens the success of such an operation.

By partnering with us, not only are those issues eliminated, but you can be sure that your supporters will be receiving a product they will use and enjoy.

Option 1 – Ongoing Fundraiser

  • Unique concept that is free and easy to setup, and provides residual income for months on end.
  • Blue Rain provides you with a special code assigned to your organization for the purchase of one of our Premium Washes (Deluxe, Ultimate or Blue Rain Special).
  • Your organization tells friends, family, coworkers, neighbors or anyone wanting a clean car to come to Blue Rain Express and use the special code when purchasing their car wash using the cashier or automated terminal.
  • It’s that simple! No inventory, no setup, no upfront cost!
  • At the end of every month your group will get a check for 25% of the washes purchased with your groups unique code.

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Option 2 – Gift Card Purchase

  • Preorder a minimum of 30 Blue Rain Gift Cards in denominations of $10, $15, $20 or $25
  • Once the order is complete, Blue Rain will sell the gift cards to you at a 25% discount
  • Your organization then sells the cards for the full price and keeps the proceeds

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Option 3 – Fundraising Day*

  • Working with your organization we agree on a special day at Blue Rain Express where we will accept one dollar ($1.00) donations on your behalf from your supporters
  • Your organization will then promote the designated day through flyers, social media, and your website and encourage all donors and supporters to come to Blue Rain Express on the specified day. (all marketing material must be approved by Blue Rain Corporate Office)
  • Upon arriving at the wash your supporters must tell the cashier that they are supporting your organization and a dollar ($1.00) will be added to the price of the wash package they select.
  • At the end of the business day Blue Rain will match the amount donated by your supporters


*A minimum of 2 representatives from your group are invited to be onsite at all times on the fundraising day, but will not be allowed to solicit Blue Rain customers for donations. In the event that your representatives are soliciting, Blue Rain Express reserves the right to cancel the day’s event and only the amount collected from your supporters will be distributed to your organization. In addition, Blue Rain employees will not solicit on your behalf it will be the responsibility of your supporters to tell the cashier their desire to donate to your organization.

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Whatever fundraising option you select, your supporters will receive a true value for their contribution, because you’ll be offering a quality product!

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