About Us

In 2011 Warren Bailey, Brad Bailey and Michael Luna began discussing an idea to set out to build the best express car wash possible. After forming the company, a mountain of ideas were sifted and scrutinized so that the best of science and aesthetics could be incorporated.

What has emerged is the Blue Rain Express – one of the most technologically advanced car washes in the United States. Not only is the design of our building unmatched by our competitor’s, but so is the way that we wash cars. Every single aspect of this concept, from the kinds of biodegradable chemicals we employ, to our ability to reclaim and recycle the water we use, to the dual belted conveyor system we’ve installed, was chosen so that we could create a car wash that is easier for the driver and better for the environment.

At the end of the day, not only do we deliver a car that is cleaner, shinier and drier than anyone else around, but we do so in manner that is ultimately more “green.” However, technology isn’t everything, and this car wash would be nothing if not for the staff that has been selected and hired to ensure that our customers are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. We want you to feel at home whenever you visit us and we promise to treat you with this in mind.

Washing your car no longer has to be the unpleasant chore you try to put off. Come see why the Blue Rain Express is the truly the best car wash experience for your money.