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We’ve all had it happen at one time or another, we’re driving down the road or interstate and a rock hits the  windshield causing damage.  Whether the breaks are referred to as half-moon, star breaks, bullseye or batwings, it all means the same thing in the end, your windshield has damage.

Blue Rain Car Wash has partnered with Magic City Auto Glass to provide you with a permanent windshield repair service that is long lasting and guaranteed

And in most cases, if the repair is addressed quickly, you’ll have a hard time finding where the rock chip damage occurred!

Why Repair?

A damaged and cracked  windshield is a danger in disguise. Not only does the damage cause sight difficulties, it also increases the risk of injury and additional damage to both those traveling inside of the vehicle, others on the road, and to the vehicle itself. Some of the biggest reasons for you to have your windshield repaired quickly:

  • If you are insured, your vehicle coverage may cover the costs of your windshield repair, leaving you nothing to pay out of pocket!
  • If insurance doesn’t cover the repair costs, rest assured that you will not find better prices in town for your repair! We take pride in keeping our costs as low as possible.
  • The damage isn’t going away on its own. In fact, the longer you wait the damage is going to spread and become larger, as well as more expensive to repair. If you wait too long to try to make the repair, you might be forced to replace the windshield instead, resulting in hundreds dollars’ more being spent.
  • You’re doing your part to protect the environment. Windshields are not recyclable. When you repair, you’re saving the landfills!

Trust the Windshield Repair Experts!

While there are many companies that provide the same services as Blue Rain Car Wash / Magic City Auto Glass team, none can compete with our professional, timely services and competitive pricing. Contact us today for your free estimate.

We’d be happy to give you a quote and, upon approval, begin the process of restoring your windshield.  Our work is backed by a great warranty as well. When you trust the windshield repair specialists, you’ll get what you need and so much more.